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Solar Tracker

A-Type Single Axis Solar Tracker


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Self Balancing Arch Purlin


Self-balancing solar tracker is equipped BOFU unique arch purlins to support solar panels. This is the most obvious difference between BOFU Self-balancing solar tracker and other brand trackers. Why ?

Ordinary Flat Purlins

The barycenter of ordinary flat purlins is located above the main beam, when the main beam rotates at a certain angle, the barycenter of the purlins and solar panels will deviate from the pivot of the main beam, resulting in an eccentric torque. Therefore, when the slewing drive rotates, it is not only necessary to overcome the friction of the supporting bearing itself, but also to overcome the torsion force caused by the eccentric torque, which inevitably increases the power consumption of the motor.

Self Balancing Arch Purlins

The BOFU unique arch purlins makes the total barycenter of the purlins and solar panels coincide with the pivot of the main beam at any angle, thus the overall eccentric toque is almost zero no matter how the main beam rotates, the slewing drive only need to overcome the friction of the supporting bearing itself, so to reduce the power consumption of the motor.

A single axis solar tracker

Self Balancing Arch Purlins


Reduce the power consumption of driving motors, thus improve the power generation rate of the system.

The load of the drive motor is stable, prolong the service life of the drive motor.

Ordinary purlins have a short-term zero eccentric toque only in the horizontal state, and arch purlins are in a zero-eccentric toque moment at any time, which  reduce the swing caused by wind, so the windproof effect of self-balancing bracket is better.


A Type Strut


For medium or small power stations, pouring the concrete foundation of the solar tracker can be a difficult and expensive task. BOFU offers A-type struts that can be adapted to earth anchor, make it is possible to eliminat the need for concrete foundations, speeding up installation of the tracker and save labor cost, lower the total cost of the solar power system.

Solar Panels

For Bifacial Solar Panels


More and more power stations are choosing to use Bifacial solar panels, which generate power not only by direct sunlight to the front face but also by reflected light to the panel back. Unlike single-sided solar panels, they are made of clear glass that allows reflect light pass through and arrive panel back to generate power. This requires that the solar tracker must minimize the blocking of sunlight, especially on the back of the solar panel. BOFU’s arch-shaped purlins are designed so that the solar panels can be mounted on purlins only by the edge of panels, which greatly increases the reflective area on the back of the solar panel


Fast Lock Clips


The solar panels were mounted on the purlins with fast lock clip, no need tools and screws, one panel locked on the purlin by 6 clips, only 30 seconds for one solar panel, save time and labor.

Data Sheet

Products Name A-Type Single Axis Solar Tracker
Brand BOFU
Original China
Wind Resistance 17m/s
Snow Resistance 1.6KN/sqm
Service Life >25 Years
Features Slef-balancing
Drive Slewing Drive
Voltage 24V
Daily Power Consumption ≤0.3kwh
Rotate Angle ±60°
Communicate RS485
Material Q345/Q235
Surface Treatment Hot Dip Galvanizing
Tracking Method Astronomical Algorithm+GPS
Foundation Concrete Foundation/Earth Anchor