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BOFU Solar Focus On Solar Tracker


BOFU founded on year 2007, the department of solar concentrate on the creative design and manufacture of solar tracker, and own many patents on solar field, main products is single/dual axis solar tracker.

Through years development, thanks to the high quality creative products, BOFU has built business relationship with many global enterprise such as Saudi A.A.TURDY Group, Australia KOGAN,  Russia Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, etc.,

Company History

Company Development History


 We provide the design, customized manufacture, logistics, and one-stop purchasing of solar trackers, meet requirements of different clients.


Company Founded

BOFU founded on year 2007, at the begging, the main business is I/E of construction materials.。


Solar Lighting

Since year 2007, BOFU haS gradually entered the field of new energy, mainly focusing on the I/E of solar lighting products.


Solar Tracker

Since year 2018, BOFU has entered the field of solar tracking, main business is ODM of solar tracker.


Green Energy


With the continuous development of the global
economy and people’s increasing awareness of
environmental protection, new energy has become the main trend of future energy development. The proportion of solar and wind energy in global electricity generation continuously increasing.

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BOFU provide ODM of solar tracker