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Solar Tracker

Single Axis Solar Tracker


 We provide the design, customized manufacture, logistics, and one-stop purchasing of solar trackers, meet requirements of different clients.

single axis solar tracker slewing drive

High Torque Slewing Drive


Single Axis Solar Tracker was driven by high torque slewing drive, the maximum torque is 6400KN.m, one slewing drive can drive more than 28 solar panels.

H Strut

H Strut With Q345 Material


BOFU single axis solar tracker uses Q345 carbon steel and H-beam steel as the support column to ensure that the tracking bracket is still strong and durable in bad weather.

single axis solar tracker
single axis solar tracker

Ω Purlin For Bifacial Solar Panels


More and more power stations are choosing to use Bifacial solar panels, which generate power not only by direct sunlight to the front face but also by reflected light to the panel back. Unlike single-sided solar panels, they are made of clear glass that allows reflect light pass through and arrive panel back to generate power. This requires that the solar tracker must minimize the blocking of sunlight, especially on the back of the solar panel. BOFU’s arch-shaped purlins are designed so that the solar panels can be mounted on purlins only by the edge of panels, which greatly increases the reflective area on the back of the solar panel


Self-lubricate plastic bearing


The single axis solar tracker use plastic bearing as auxiliary supports. Plastic bearings are low cost, and because of its feature of self-lubricate, it does not require lubricating oil, and easy to install and replace, effectively reduce costs while meeting the requirements of the solar tracker.

single axis solar tracker

Fast Lock Clips


The solar panels were mounted on the purlins with fast lock clip, no need tools and screws, one panel locked on the purlin by 6 clips, only 30 seconds for one solar panel, save time and labor.

Data Sheet

Products NameSingle Axis Solar Tracker
Wind Resistance17m/s
Snow Resistance1.6KN/sqm
Service Life>25 Years
DriveSlewing Drive
Daily Power Consumption≤0.3kwh
Rotate Angle±60°
CommunicateRS485 (optional)
Surface TreatmentHot Dip Galvanizing
Tracking MethodAstronomical Algorithm+GPS
FoundationConcrete Foundation/Earth Anchor