Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Solar Energy Application Solutions

China’s primary energy reserves are far below the world average, only about 10% of the world’s total reserves. Solar energy is an inexhaustible renewable energy source for human beings, with sufficient cleanliness, absolute safety, relative extensiveness, real long life and maintenance-free, resource adequacy and potential economy, etc., and has an important position in the long-term energy strategy. Photovoltaic power station is currently the most encouraged green power development energy project by the state.

China’s photovoltaic power generation has developed rapidly, and the application of photovoltaic has been reflected in all aspects of life. Home photovoltaic power stations, large-scale photovoltaic ground power stations, photovoltaic buildings, photovoltaic street lights, photovoltaic traffic lights, photovoltaic RVs, photovoltaic electric vehicles, photovoltaic carports, it can be said that in many applications that require electricity, photovoltaic figures are indispensable.

(1) Road lighting

Solar lamps are a modern photovoltaic power generation system, with good application value, on the basis of fully reflecting the advantages of photovoltaic technology environmental protection and energy saving, the actual application process has flexible and convenient characteristics, according to the type of light source, application power and light pole characteristics, etc., can be divided into solar street lights, solar garden lights and solar lawn lights. As far as the practical application of solar lamps is concerned, it has been widely used in road lighting and square lighting.

(2) Building night scene lighting

At the macro level, photovoltaic power generation has also been widely used in architectural night lighting, through the coordination and reasonable application of solar photovoltaic power generation system and energy-saving lamps, to a certain extent, the problem of night lighting is alleviated, and a feasible solution is provided for the lighting problem of urban bridges.

(3) Traffic warning

Photovoltaic power generation has also been widely used in traffic warnings, such as navigation lights, traffic/railway signal lights, traffic warning/sign lights, Yuxiang street lights, high-altitude obstacle lights, highway/railway wireless telephone booths, unattended road shift power supply, etc. As far as the actual situation of the development of the transportation industry in today’s society is concerned, among them, the emergence and effective application of solar signal lights and solar road monitoring systems make the setting of traffic warnings more flexible and simple, without the need for external power supply, and the practical application value is high.

(4) Field power supply

Through the development and application of small portable solar energy systems formed after the effective use of photovoltaic power generation, the realization of field power supply has been promoted, and field activities such as field operations and suburban camping have been facilitated. In addition to the first time, it can provide a certain amount of power supply for mobile phones and computer lights, and the practical application effect is better, and it is closely paid attention to by social groups.

(5) Electrical energy supply in areas without electricity

There is still no electricity problem in some parts of western China, which is constrained by factors such as remote village roads and few residents, resulting in certain difficulties in the supply of municipal electricity, and the actual cost is huge. Photovoltaic power generation has good application value, can provide reliable power supply for remote areas in western China, and promote the effective solution of the problem of no electricity in some parts of the west through the “wind-solar complementary” power generation system.

(6) Communication/communication field

Solar unattended microwave relay station, optical cable maintenance station, broadcast/communication/paging power system; Rural carrier telephone photovoltaic system, small communication machine, soldier GPS power supply, etc.

(7) Petroleum, marine and meteorological fields

Oil pipelines and reservoir gate cathodic protection solar power system, oil drilling platform life and emergency power supply, marine detection equipment, meteorological/hydrological observation equipment, etc.