Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Precautions For Solar Power Station

The construction of solar power station is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive project, and few carelessness may have an impact on the subsequent operation of the power station. The construction process of photovoltaic power plants should pay attention to the following points:

1. The impact on the load-bearing of the building

(1) The construction of the solar photovoltaic power station does not affect the original structure of the building, and the original use function of the building, the characteristics of the envelope structure, the shape of the building and the façade do not change.

(2) The photovoltaic power station is installed on the roof of the concrete structure, and the design bearing capacity of the building is about 200Kg/㎡, while the load of the photovoltaic power station is about 30Kg/㎡², and the use of solar energy is safe and reliable without affecting the beauty of the building.

(3) The photovoltaic power station uses the self-weight of the foundation to fix the square array, without damaging the waterproof layer, heat insulation layer and insulation layer of the roof.

2. Environmental impact

(1) Solar photovoltaic power generation does not produce any waste gas, waste water, waste residue and other wastes;

(2) There are no rotating parts during operation, and noise pollution will not be generated;

(3) The principle of photovoltaic power generation is the photovoltaic effect, solar cell modules in the light conditions to produce direct current, after a certain series and parallel summary access to the grid-connected inverter, converted into 50Hz AC230V/400V power supply, the entire power generation and conversion process without any high-frequency alternating current, no electromagnetic radiation, will not cause harm to the human body.

(4) The cable laying of the solar power station adopts the original pipeline and bridge, generally does not lay additional lines, even if it involves the laying of lines, it is also a hidden structure that does not damage the original building and environment.

(5) Solar power stations are maintenance-free or less maintained, and the operation of the power station is unattended.